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My approach to synths & patch design.

If you’ve seen other sound packs out there, they usually come with names that suggest / hint at certain genres or famous producers & bands. My sets are called simply the „Jexus Soundset”, because my philosophy and the way I look at this matter is different. Whether a patch sounds „ambient”, „industrial” or „Vangelis-like” is not necessarily a fixed characteristic coming from the patch itself. In majority of cases it is the result of the chords that a player decides to use, the tempo in which the patch is played, the envelopes (attack / release times), or the post-processing that the artist is using (EQ, reverb, tapes), and so on. That’s why I would say there is no one style in my patch collections. It’s a wide variety of sounds that are meant to inspire, make you look at the synth in a different light and reach the exact opposite goal: be timeless and let you sound like no one else or any band you’ve heard. Some patches are traditionally-structured, some offbeat; they’re the result of me having fun with the instrument and trying to find its limits. However, the one element they all have in common is that they are ready-to-use in music or they can serve as starting points; you can find the textures or dynamics that you like and tweak them to suit your exact taste or purpose. If a valuable idea is there in the patch, the road to facilitate your work & unleash your creativity is now wide open.

Also, we all know that synthesizers never truly become a finished, closed project like a guitar. Once you build a guitar, there is little else to do with it but grab & play it. However, synths (and synth patches) have virtually endless potential for change and upgrade, and there is a large portion of the responsibility (and freedom) put into the hands of the end user. Even if you buy a huge, theme-oriented soundset for your synth, you will still want to do some fine-tuning: things like „mod-wheel intensity” or „velocity curve” are some of the settings that will alter the way any patches behave. That’s why you should never go the lazy route and think that your job is finished after the purchase of a preset pack. You will get much better results if you treat patches as a springboard from which you can jump to a higher level of your productivity. So let’s recap:

if you’re looking for a collection of „bread & butter” as well as cinematic and „offbeat” sounds;
if you prefer original-sounding patches rather than recreations of classic synths or famous bands;
if you need various textures and dynamics that can be further tweaked to your taste;
if you want to transform the synth you think you knew into something you didn’t expect possible;
if you need fast access to „template” patches that save you the effort of deep mod-matrix diving;
if you’d like to hear sounds that make use of every module or engine feature of your synth;
and finally if you want to learn by reverse-engineering some tricks you might have missed;

Then you’ve come to the right place.