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Free patches for the older (pre-2015) synths.

[access virus ti]

[akai ax-80]

[alesis ion]

[clavia nord lead 2x]

[clavia nord lead 3]

[dsi mek mono evolver]

[ensoniq esq-1]

[kawai sx-240]

  [korg ms-2000]

[korg poly-800]

[korg polysix]

[korg prophecy]

[korg radias]

[korg z1]

[novation nova 2]

[oberheim ob-12]

[quasimidi sirius]

[roland jd-800]

[roland jp-8000]

[roland jp-8080]

[roland jx-3p]

[roland jx-8p]

[roland juno-60]

[roland juno-106]

[roland jupiter 6]

[tiracon 6v]

[waldorf blofeld]

[waldorf q]

[yamaha an1x]

[yamaha cs2x]

[yamaha dx27]

[yamaha dx7]

NOTE: Backup your current patches & system prior to importing. My files are 100% checked & working, however, I do not provide help in importing them to your synth or fixing any issues with your software / hardware. You can ask me a question, but I don’t guarantee that I will be able to answer it, because I made these sounds a long time ago and I no longer have the synths.


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