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What is this about?

One day I got an email from an online store. They said they’ve been watching my videos for years and asked me if I’d like to join what’s called an “affiliate program”. The deal is this: each time you buy something through these links (the links have my ID in them), the shop will give me a small % of the their profit as a reward for bringing customers. You do not lose anything in such deal; the price that you pay is the regular price of the product.

I also asked if there were any rules that I must follow or must not break. My number one priority is to retain my artistic freedom, make the videos and write the reviews the way I want. They said there were no such rules. This seemed like a no-brainer to me, a win-win-win situation. You buy what you want and when you want, I don’t need to promote anything or convince you that it’s “amazing” or that it “sounds great”;)

Important: You have to do the shopping through these exact links (if you edit the links or shut down the browser and use a regular link, it won’t work!). Thanks for your support!