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Full FAQ / Support in English:

Q 01: I bought your preset pack but
– I have not received the download link / sound file to my e-mail OR;
– I forgot / failed to save it on my computer – what should I do?

A: Just write me an e-mail (at the bottom of this page) OR write a comment (also at the bottom of this page) OR leave a comment under my YT video. In max 9 hours I will renew your download link or send the soundpack to you manually.

Q 02: I bought your preset pack but after importing it all my current patches got deleted / replaced!?
A: Yes, this is how synths work:) You should always backup your current patches / library before you do any external importing. If something goes wrong, you will be able to use the backup files to bring back your previous / current state of the synth!

Q 03: I bought the pack but I returned the synth to the shop / I sold my synth and I no longer use it. Can I get my money back?
A: No, because this is a digital product, so after your purchase it is deemed “used” and impossible to return or exchange. Please remember this rule before buying any soundsets.

Q 04: I bought the pack but I used the wrong link (wrong currency or wrong synth) – can I get my money back?
A: If you’ve downloaded the file after your purchase = no. If you haven’t downloaded the file = yes:)

Q 05: I bought the pack but the librarian / importing does not work like I wished: for example I cannot rearrange / put the patches to the specific / desired memory locations that I want. Why?
A: Please read about the behavior of your synth in the instruction manual before buying any soundsets. Different synths have different memory structures and different patch managers / librarians. Also, please read all the info that I provide under each Youtube video and on my website – it’s a shortened version of the most essential information you need to know to understand how the patches / importing procedures work. Some synths don’t give you the freedom to relocate patches within the library. Others make it possible but only via an editor (as opposed to sysex files).

Q 06: I bought the pack but it turns out that the sounds in your demo had been processed by FX / they sound different for whatever reason – why?
A: I practically never use any external FX in my demos. If I do, I always let people know. Please read the video description and the info on my website before buying the soundset. If the sounds had been processed, you will find explicit information about it (stating for example: “I used delay / reverb / EQ”). Also, please remember that any other sound differences may arise due to the hardware you are using: be it a mixer, sound interface or the synth itself. Your hardware may have different electronic components and that’s why it sounds slightly different. Also, your synth may be new or old, warmed up or cold – all these states have an impact on the circuitry and the sound.

Q 07: I bought the pack but the sounds are not as loud as factory patches / other third-party patches – is that normal?
A: Yes. When I design my patches I keep the levels around 50%. This is because many synths get overdriven if you push their amp levels higher. Also, I don’t want your speakers to crackle when you hit a chord. You can always make the patches louder by raising the volume on your mixer or on the patches themselves.

Q 08: I bought the pack but for the love of Christ I can’t manage to load it into my synth – can I get my money back?
A: No. This is a digital product so after your purchase it is deemed “used” and impossible to return or exchange. My soundsets are 100% tested & working. I have never received any negative feedback about bugs or errors. If you’re having difficulty importing it, there’s probably something wrong at your end – please check your cable connections, software settings, hardware settings, etc. Also, you can always write me an e-mail and I’ll try to figure out what the problem is:)

Q 09: What is your approach to mod wheel, macro knobs and aftertouch?
A: I don’t have any hard-and-fast rules in this respect, but I can give you a general idea. In synths with macro knobs (Hydrasynth, Modwave, etc) I usually program one, two or three knobs in order to give the end user some amount of control and / or ideas. I leave the rest of the knobs unassigned so that the end user can assign them in accordance with their needs. In synths like the Hydrasynth I utilize the aftertouch quite often because that’s a big part of the synth and its appeal. In other synths like the Super-6 I don’t do that, because some people like it when aftertouch is controlling the filter cutoff, while others prefer to control the pitch or something else – not to mention the fact that the Super-6 is a very peculiar example because the user is not able to see the pre-assigned modulations in the mod matrix. However, I always assign the mod wheel to a modulation destination. So as you can see, my approach changes depending on the nature of the synth I’m working on, and my patches are intended for people who want to have some freedom & room for maneuver as well as people who can perform some basic operations on a synth, like unassigning / changing the modulation assignments. I focus more on coming up with a unique-sounding patch / texture than on the “live performance” aspect. I see the “performance controls” as a very individual thing.

Q 10: I bought the pack but all your sounds are named WCOG – is that normal?
A: Yes. I took the approach that it will be easier & quicker for people to edit / add / give a new name to the patches if the patches come with just four letters instead of a whole phrase like “Chariots of Fire”. Also, I made the decision not to name patches because I was always frustrated with external patch names as they never really reflected the sounds behind them. I came to the conclusion that associations between a sound and a word existed only in one’s head (my head) and this association would not work as well with other people. If you like my sounds, you are free to give them your own names that will make it easier for you to remember / navigate them.

Q 11: Do you have any tips to use with your patches?
A: We all know that synthesizers never truly become a finished, closed project like a guitar. Once you build a guitar, there is little else to do with it but grab & play it. However, synths (and synth patches) have virtually endless potential for change and upgrade, and there is a large portion of the responsibility (and freedom) put into the hands of the end user. Even if you buy a huge, theme-oriented soundset for your synth, you will still want to do some fine-tuning: things like “mod-wheel intensity” or “velocity curve” are some of the settings that will alter the way any patches behave. Nobody enjoys reading manuals (apart from psychopaths), but you should really read yours after you buy a synth. This way you will get the most out of any patches!


If you have any other questions that are not included here, please contact me and ask your questions before buying. After your purchase it will be too late!


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