Roland JD-XA ► 200+ custom sounds

It's 200 custom patches + their variations = 256 in total.

FAQ / read before you buy

Via Instant Buy & Download:
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What’s in the bundle?:
You will receive all the sounds from my Youtube videos plus more (200 unique sounds + variations = 256 sounds in total).

What format / import method?:
My soundset will come to you in two shapes: as a backup file, and as individual files in SMF (*.mid) format. If you want to use the backup file, just copy the whole “ROLAND” folder onto your pendrive and insert the pendrive into your JDXA (read the owner’s manual about this procedure, otherwise you risk damaging your instrument).

If you want to use the SMF option, here’s how to do it: you load the SMF files into the Roland Librarian software on your computer by using the menu File->Import SMF. Each sound will show up on the Librarian list as “WC OLO GARB”. Then you select that sound on that list and send it to the JDXA (you push the “Write->Selected” button). Remember that if my sound was saved in slot P10 in my JD-XA, then you will have to scroll the Librarian list all the way down to “P” to see this “WC OLO GARB” sound. It’s quite cumbersome, but it seems that companies have abandoned the more straightforward sysex format for whatever reason. To make it easier to locate my sounds from the demo, they come with the names according to this format: “wcog_jdxa_12_diamondlove_g10” where:
[12] means it is the 12th sound in the youtube demo,
[diamondlove] hints at the visuals used in the demo for that sound,
[g10] is the location in the synth’s memory (the location on the Librarian list).

Remember to “set up midi devices” (USB) in your JD-XA before importing the soundbank (again, read the owner’s manual).

What genre / style?:
There is no one style, because it is you who decides what style these patches will be played in. It’s a wide variety of sounds that are meant to inspire, make you look at the synth in a different light and give you a great choice of directions. Some patches are bread & butter, some offbeat; they’re the result of me trying to find the limits of the instrument. The patches are ready-to-use in music or can serve as starting points; you can find the textures or the dynamics that you like and tweak them to suit your exact taste or purpose.

Any external stuff?:
I did not use any external FX in the demo like delays, reverbs, flangers; all of the FX in the demo are part of the JD-XA engine / mod matrix. However, I used some EQ-ing and I did some panorama adjustments post-recording.

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  1. Anubisodyssey

    I am asking myself do you never had interest in doing soundtracks? And haven’t you ever been asked to do so? It would be the other way around compared to your normal workflow, but still.
    Don’t you get any offers from synth companys?
    I once wrote waldorf to contact you for patches or to link your blofeld demo.
    Because of you i got very deep into synthesis. I downloaded your patches to see what you have done. They were totally caotic 😄
    But i learned a lot for free so i had to be a patreon.
    I also shared your evolver demo with sequential and wrote them. I mean the patches are special and today synth come with a lot of presets so i never understood why you never did any factory presets.

    My dog died two weeks ago. In fact it wasn’t my dog. It was the dog of my girl friend but we were completely into each other since we first met.
    I think most people don’t know how much character such animals have. I think this is something what people underate more than often. I am still very sad. She looked me straight in the eyes when she was dying. This was my first contact with death, eye to eye, where i was very connected.
    I saw in a comment that your rabbit died. Is it the rabbit in some of your videos?
    Wouldn’t you agree to my statement?
    I never had a rabbit. But were you surprised how much more complex a rabbit is then you thought before you had one? When you observe and interconnect with it on a daily base?
    Maybe a bit late but i am sorry for you.

  2. Doubleslitpatternchoicebehaviour

    I also think, the jdxa demo series us one of jexus best stuff. I think just because it is very musical.
    It seems the jdxa is a very good synth for doing little music scripts and jams.

    There are some synth with sequencer and multitimbral abilities but the jdxa seems to be more inviting for this. Or how does it come?

    1. Jexus WCOG

      Thanks, but actually I would not recommend the JD-XA for this, the architecture is pretty confusing with all the 4 “parts” and stuff.

  3. BigDickson

    Please consider adding a written review for the JD-XA. I love your sound demos but I LOVE your written reviews. They’re the perfect mix of informative and entertaining. I know they’ve helped me immensely (and I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment).

    1. Jexus WCOG

      Hey, thanks for the kind words:) I borrowed the JD-XA as my first synth after the 6-year break and I didn’t think about writing reviews back then. I would have to get my hands on it one more time to refresh my thoughts.

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