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Premiere | Model:

2011.01 | Novation Ultranova
2013.08 | Novation Bass Station II
2015.01 | Moog SUB-37 – [DONE!]
2015.06 | Sequential Prophet-6 – [DONE!]
2015.08 | Roland JD-XA – [DONE!]
2016.02 | Korg Minilogue – [DONE!]
2016.05 | Sequential OB-6 – [DONE!]
2016.12 | Behringer DeepMind 12
2017.01 | Arturia Matrixbrute – [DONE!]
2017.06 | Sequential Prophet REV-2 – [DONE!]
2017.07 | Novation Peak / Summit – [DONE!]
2018.01 | Korg Prologue – [DONE!]
2018.07 | Moog Grandmother
2018.10 | Moog One

2019.03 | Korg Minilogue XD – [DONE!]
2019.05 | Arturia MicroFreak – [DONE!]
2019.10 | Moog Matriarch
2019.12 | Modal Argon-8 – [DONE!]
2020.01 | ASM Hydrasynth – [DONE!]
2020.02 | Sequential PRO-3 – [DONE!]
2020.03 | Korg Wavestate
2020.06 | Waldorf Iridium
2020.06 | Dreadbox Typhon
2020.07 | Twisted MEGAfm
2020.08 | UDO Super-6 – [DONE!]
2020.11 | Korg Opsix – [DONE!]
2020.11 | Modal Cobalt-8
2021.01 | Beetlecrab Vector Synth
2021.02 | Arturia Polybrute

2021.06 | Korg Modwave
2021.09 | Sequential Take-5
2021.12 | Dreadbox Nymphes
2021.12 | Waldorf M
2022.02 | Aodyo Anyma Phi
2022.05 | Oberheim OB-X8
2022.06 | Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave
2022.10 | Arturia Minifreak
2022.11 | Sequential Trigon-6

xxxx.xx | Behringer UB-XA
xxxx.xx | Behringer Polyeight
xxxx.xx | Behringer PRO-800
xxxx.xx | Melbourne Instruments NINA
xxxx.xx | Aodyo Anyma Omega

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  1. Throw snow

    Prophet x
    Vermona perfourmer
    Arp 2600m
    Kodamo – EssenceFM MKII
    Elektron analog four.

    I had the impression, sequential is not your favorite company, but you tested most of there stuff recently.
    And there is a take 5 demo coming?

    I really want to see the polybrute.
    Or waldorf m. Waldorf quantum is the iridium with analog filters.
    I really like your mucrofreak demo and the sequentual p6 demo. Allthough i like the ob6 more as a synth.

    1. Jexus WCOG

      Thanks. I don’t have a favorite company;) Each company has its strengths. I have the Take-5 and I’ll be making a demo for Spring 2023. But first Modwave & Cobalt-8.

      1. Anonymous

        Have you played the polybrute yet?
        Any plans or nothing specific?

        1. Jexus WCOG

          I haven’t played the Polybrute yet. No clear plans either…

  2. George Papageorgiou

    Prophet 12, please.
    And take my money, stat.

    1. Anonymous

      Include the pro2 still really competitive synths these day!

  3. marie

    C15 – NONLINEAR LABS & GROOVE SYNTH 3D WAVE with the MOOG ON 16 they are the sick ones to hack man, got the C15 and it’s a beats of weirdness like the ONE !

  4. hexaton

    Ensoniq VFX -SD

  5. BennyBlanco

    Just out of curiosity, by testing and making sounds for all of these ‘new wave’ synths, which let’s say 3 are the keepers for you, that you’d actually use for your music? As at times you mention you borrow them for your demos, but which are the ones you really keep for yourself:)

    1. Jexus WCOG

      This kind of question is hard to the point of being unanswerable;) But if I were to keep just 3 for the purpose of making music, I would take the Matrixbrute (dirty sound & ease of use), Prophet-6 (timeless sound & ease of use) and Opsix / Modwave (for unique textures / timbres).

  6. donPedro

    Yamaha reface CS

  7. Anonymous

    i would add:

    what about the sequential prophet x?
    this is one of the most interesting synth from sequential i think.

    korg 2600m if the matriarch is also on the list but i think that is not your kind of taste. you don’t really like modular stuff, do you?

    Elektron analog four or keys or mk2
    i really like to see.

    Kodamo – EssenceFM MKII
    a powerful fm synth with good sound and interface as i read

  8. Anonymous

    for me, although the obx8 really sounds great, was a very boring experience for me. it is very samey, really expensive and though doesn’t shine in all its sound capabillities. i think i am not a fan of the obx or xa as a whole.

  9. Joao Pimenta

    Waldorf Quantum

    1. Jexus WCOG

      Thanks. Which Waldorf is “a Quantum in a rack”? The Waldorf M or the Waldorf Iridium?

      1. Monitor von Synthesizer

        Iridium. TL;DR – plus 8 voices, minus analog filters.

  10. random space

    Dreadbox Typhon Sequential Take-5

  11. Basti

    Prophet 5/10 or if possible the old Pro One 😊. So flexible and alive sounding for this simple Architecture.

  12. Switch

    Moog Matriarch is a must. I have to see what you can do on the Matriarch. It’s not on your wish list but may I suggest the Roland V-Synth. I know it’s old school but the Roland V-Synth was made for you. I still can’t believe you haven’t done a review of that synth. It’s a classic. Keep up the good work.

    1. Jexus WCOG

      Thanks:) But Matriarch is on the list! Between Arturia MicroFreak & Modal Argon-8.

  13. Benny

    Korg Modwave, Wavestate, Moog One would be interesting to see and hear coming from you.

    1. Jexus WCOG

      I can confirm a Modwave demo is coming. However, I can’t say the same about the others yet.

  14. Gianluca

    I’d add the Behringer Pro800 and Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave and you’re basically covered with all the current and upcoming modern synths 🙂

    P.S. Not confirmed, but there are rumors about Korg working on something new… Next flagship? Maxilogue or Prologue XD? Who knows lol

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