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New website version!

Hey folks,

After 17 years the website has been rebuilt from HTM into PHP (I think?;D). You are more than welcome to browse and check if there are any errors, tell me about your experience and send your feedback to my e-mail or leave your comments on the site.

Things that change with the arrival of the new version:

1. Site should load corectly on mobile devices.
2. Site allows visitors to put comments.
3. Youtube / Soundcloud demos embedded.
4. Gearlist stays in old HTM format but is moved to a sub-page (too many synths to scroll;)

Vacation break!

Between August 9th and 26th I will be in a faraway place with little Internet access. I will reply to your e-mails with big delay. If the plane doesn’t crash or I don’t get bitten by a venomous snake, everything should get back to normal on August 27th;)

Jexus, 2022.06.30

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