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Quasimidi Sirius

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Some synths are weirdos. Why are they weirdos? For example, they have a DTE synthesis at their core and nobody quite knows what this DTE means (one thing is certain - it uses spectral waveforms and analog overdriven filters, so sometimes it's like a DX7 on steroids. You also get samples, e.g. of String Melody or The Mellotron, so Sirius is basically a rompler synth).
Next: instead of four knobs dedicated to control the four points of the envelope, synth weirdos have one knob that does it all (precise editing of the ADSR points is hidden in the menu). Or they have some uncommon features like "Overblast" and external audio tempo analyzer. The Sirius has it all, and that makes it a weirdo for me. But it's an acceptable weirdo, with a broad and deep palette of sounds. Thumbs up for the samples - they sound A LOT better than the ones of Blofeld and Radias.

I don't think The Sirius will become anybody's favorite synth, but it's a nice addition to the studio, and it gives you so many Virus-esque sounds that you begin to wonder whether QUASIMIDI labs was the place where the ACCESS techs developed their careers ;P

Niektore modele to prawdziwe dziwadla. To tutaj oparte jest na syntezie DTE i nikt za bardzo nie wie czym to DTE jest (jedno jest pewne: Sirius generuje spectral waveforms i posiada analogowy przesterowywalny filtr wiec czesto brzmi jak DX7 na sterydach, ma tez na pokladzie przerozne sample, np. ze String Melody i Mellotrona, wiec jest tak naprawde romplero-syntezatorem).
Zamiast czterech potencjometrow do kontroli podstawowych punktow obwiedni, zostal obdarzony jedna galka ktora robi za wszystkie wspomniane (dokladna edycja obwiedni zanurzona w menu). Dziwadla moga jeszcze miec niecodzienne funkcje jak "Overblast" lub analizator tempa zewnetrznego sygnalu. Sirius wszystko to ma i dlatego jest dla mnie dziwadlem. Ale bardzo dobrze brzmiacym dziwadlem z bardzo szeroka i gleboka paleta brzmien. Punkty za sample - brzmia one lepiej niz Blofeldowe i Radiasowe.



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