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Korg SAS-20 Personal Keyboard

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A classic vintage 'analog' keyboard from 1981 with retro drums and chorus. The SAS [Super Accompaniment System] automatically chooses the bass progressions based on the notes you strike with your right hand.

The reason I keep this stuff is that I like this mix of cheesiness, analog feel and simplicity which boards like this represent. It reminds me of cheap parties and weddings that used to take place in Poland in the '80s when I was a twerp.

***ATTENTION! It was used by.... guess who...it's so exciting... JEAN MICHEL JARRE, bwaaaaaaaaaaaa... Now everybody shit your pants.

Klasyczny 'analogowy' keyboard z 1981 roku z perką i chorusem na pokładzie. System SAS [Super Accompaniment System] dobiera dla nas podkład basowy oparty na nutach jakie gramy prawą ręką.

ACHTUNG! Ten model był używany przez... zgadnij kogo... podniecenie sięga zenitu... JEAN'A MICHELA JARRE'A, bwaaaaaaaaaaaa... Teraz wszyscy zesrajcie sie w majtki z radości.



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