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Kawai  K3 

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Hmmmm... do I know you? Would you be Roland JX8P's sister? He-he.

The K3 not only looks like the Roland, it also sounds like a crossbred of a JX8p and a DW-8000. But a crossbred with some deficiency in its genes. Even though the K3 is a nice, clean digital / VCF dreamy sounding synth, it lacks the depth, edge and the vitality of the aforementioned. And you will reach the limit of programmability very quickly.

Yet the fact that its programmable waveshapes, 7 shapes of the LFO, 7 chorus types, velocity & aftetouch keyboard, and MIDI functions can be had for around 150 bucks make it one of the sweetest, innocent synths in history.

I should also mention a curious conversation between me and my friend. He said he loves the K3 sound and finds it much more organic and attarctive than that of the Juno 106 / 60. I said it was funny because I would use those words and describe the situation exactly the other way around. I'm wondering to which group you belong.



watch the demo:



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