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Elektronika EM25 / Electronica EM25 / ЭЛЕКТРОНИКА ЭМ-25

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When buying one, watch out for: dead capacitors resulting in shortened VCA Release time under affected voice (key).


Aaaah, how much cow manure did I have to traverse in my innocent shoes in order to find a proper, fully-working unit amongst the ones that have cropped up for sale in the countless villages of middle-eastern Poland. The EM-25 is one of the most unreliable synths evah. I've had like... seven units and each and every one of them had faulty voices. And faulty voices in this unit is by no means a small problem - it has full polyphony (as many vioces as there are keys). The idea of the oscillator is that it has several waveforms, volume of which can be adjusted with the dedicated register/octave slider (16, 8, 4, etc). You can ignore the organs if you're not especially interested in this section, like me, but the strings just kick ass with the most beautiful and inimitable vintage sound. The synth section [the red one] is not a full-blooded one, but you get the most popular controls to make desired variations (LFO, ENV mods, etc). The VCF is nice, be careful with the resonance slider or it'll blow up your ears. Laser attacks!

Bleee... nie chce mi sie pisac po polsku. Ide spac.



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