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Junost 21 / ЮНОСТЬ-21




Uh... playing this board feels like getting a tractor from Santa when you actually wanted a monster truck. Yes, it does have big wheels and thick tires, it can go through puddles of mud, but I feel kinda silly and limited driving it. Even the Poly-800 has more interactive synthiness under its hood, which translates into more horsepower and more flexible suspension, sticking to the truck analogy.

The Junost-21 interafce is weird. The handling of the presets and the synth section is confusing. The chorus/unison mode is confusing too, since you can switch to unison but still have polyphony... But! It's Soviet, so I guess we can turn a blind eye to its weirdness.

Gets my reward for being the only synth which I forgot to retrieve from the basement, causing it to rust, yet creating no remorse in me. Let it die. Kill it with rust!!!!!!!!



Audio demo:
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